*All memberships are auto renewed every month unless on a 10 class pass.  We require all payments via credit card or EFT.  
*Unlimited memberships- your renewal date is the same day every month.  All other membership types- your renewal date starts the day after your last class commences or 1 month, whichever comes first.
*Classes are not transferable across months
*If you want to stop or change your membership we require 3 Business Days notice. 
*If you change your bank account/ Visa information and or need a payment stopped, we require at least 3 Business days notice.  
*If your payment is rejected for any reason I am charged a $25 fee which unfortunately I will have to bill to your next payment. 
*We do allow for periodic holds on your account for vacation up to 2 times per calendar year - MINIMUM is 1 week, Max 1 month.   We require 3 Business days notice.  We will not back date a hold for missed time from the gym due to sickness, vacation outside of this 3 days notice.
*We do not have any contracts- YEAH,  but I can not be responsible if you don't tell me to cancel your membership and you continue to be charged every month. 

Signing in
We DO require all CrossFit members to sign in to their classes.  Cancelling out of a class is even more important as you may be charged for your class if you do not remove yourself from the class 1 hour prior and someone else was not able to take your spot.  Please be courteous to other members waiting for a spot.